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October 6-7 2023

Richmond, VA



The War-Ring Women & Widows Annual Conference is a powerful gathering of women seeking inspiration and empowerment. Our mission is to provide a space where women can come together, share their stories, and find strength in each other. We're also proud to announce that a portion of the conference ticket proceeds will go towards supporting the Warring Women & Widows mission, a non-profit organization that provides essential support to widows and orphans who have experienced traumatic loss. This support includes burial assistance, utilities, mortgage and rental assistance, skill training, daycare tuition assistance, and more. Through keynote speeches, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, we aim to motivate and inspire women who are going through widowhood or any life challenge, and help them find their own path forward. Our community is one of support and resilience, and we invite you to join us and become a part of this life-changing experience.


Cynthia Williams-Bey's personal journey is one of inspiration and resilience. After losing her husband suddenly in 2021, she found herself as a widow, a single parent, and a small business owner. Her world was turned upside down, and she struggled to find support and guidance from those around her.

But instead of letting her circumstances define her, Cynthia turned her pain into a purpose. She recognized the need for a community that could provide emotional support and inspiration for women going through widowhood or any life challenge. And so, she founded War-Ring Women & Widows, a gathering of women seeking inspiration and empowerment.

Through this conference, Cynthia aims to provide a space where women can come together, share their stories, and find strength in each other. Her own experiences have given her a deep understanding of the unique challenges and struggles that come with widowhood and single parenthood. And she uses her own journey to inspire and motivate other women to find their path forward. Cynthia's story is a testament to the power of resilience and the strength that comes from community.

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Despite the challenges she faced, Cynthia never gave up. Instead, she used her experiences to create something meaningful and life-changing for others. Her story is a reminder that no matter what life throws our way, we have the power to overcome it and to create something positive and inspiring from our struggles.







Brittany is a believer in Jesus Christ with a desire to make Him known. She encourages others walking through their pain as she shares her story of God’s faithfulness through the deep grief of becoming a young widow, a single mom of three small boys, and through blending a family deeply affected by trauma. Brittany lives in Atlanta where she remarried a widower named Daniel. Together, they have five precious children in their Brooker Bunch. When Brittany isn’t at home being a chaos coordinator, she travels the country, speaking about grief, loss and the hope we have in Jesus. She is also a blogger and a singer/songwriter for the Elm Music.


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Maya Dionne Tyler

4x Bestselling Author, CEO/Founder of Widows DO Bounce Back! LLC, Speaker, and Widow Life Coach, Maya Dionne Tyler, was born and raised in Maryland, USA. Her mission is to help widowed people like herself "create, financially support, and execute a plan to bounce back, raise healthy children, and find happiness after spousal loss."

Chandra Broadnax- Payne


Chandra Broadnax-Payne BIO Author, Filmmaker & Philanthropist Film Director and Executive Producer Chandra Broadnax-Payne is a native of Brooklyn, NY but now calls North Carolina home. The North Carolina based filmmaker is known for her truth-seeking curiosity and creativity. Broadnax-Payne enjoys telling stories & bringing awareness to projects that highlight issues within society that are often not addressed or overlooked. Her documentary A Silent Enemy is a feature-length documentary about Domestic Violence in the African American community and the silence that perpetuates it. The documentary has received many accolades and has even gained the attention of numerous media outlets and distributors. She has been featured on ABC, CBS, AND 101.3 as well as several print publications. Her films have played at several festivals including Afrikana Independent Film Festival, NC Black Film Festival and Heritage Film Festival. She is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University where she received a degree in Mass Communications. Broadnax-Payne believes in the power of education and as a result has gifted 10 scholarships to ten minority women over the past 10 years. When she is not working on a film; she enjoys spending time with her husband and giving back to her community. Contact info Insta: @asilentenemy & @chandrabpayne FB: @asilentenemy Website: Trailer:



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Dr. Chavon Anette

First and foremost, Dr. Chavon Anette is a daughter of God! She is a Prophet as well. She is the CEO of Purpose Unwrapped, LLC and non-profit Power and Grace Leaders, Inc. Dr. Chavon is affectionately known as the Fire Leadership Coach. She has been called by God to make an impact in ministry and the marketplace. She is currently in school working towards a Doctorate in Education in Christian Leadership from Liberty University to be completed in May 2024. While on that journey, God saw fit for her to allow her the esteemed honor of receiving an honorary doctorate degree for Divinity In February 2023 for the work she already does on Earth from The School of Great Commission Bible College. As the Fire Leadership Coach, She marries practical and spiritual tools to empower and equip kingdom people to lead in the world. She is also a mentor to many. ​ She balances entrepreneurship, ministry, and employment as the Student Success Manager at Regent University. She enjoys creating experiences for holistic transformation, so she annually hosts two significant events: Fanning the Flame Experience, Power and Grace Leaders Awards Gala, and the Powerhouse Leaders Conference. She is also a transformational speaker and minister of the gospel who speaks with great passion in a way that empowers and challenges her listeners. She has been featured as a speaker on ABC news, TCT Today, Norfolk State University, Virginia Wesleyan University, and at conferences and other events such as the globally recognized Comeback Champion Summit, Sister Leads Conference, and more. Dr. Chavon has published 4 books that are available on Amazon, and she has been a part of 7 anthologies. From Pain to Purpose was her first solo project that became an Amazon #1 Bestselling book. She is the visionary of volumes of My Sister Helped Me Heal Anthology and My Brother Helped Me Heal, an Amazon #1 Bestselling Anthology movement. ​ Chavon Anette was the 2021 Servant Leader of the Year Award Recipient from ACHI Magazine. @chavonanette on all Social media platforms

Leah Coleman

Leah Coleman is an Entrepreneur whose focus is on IMPACT of Community. Leah is a wife who aims to bring value to her family legacy and her faith, she’s a mom of a miracle daughter, & has a career history of banking/retail management turned into small business that kept pointing her to learn and share wisdom while navigating the challenging economy in the past decade of her late 20’s and 30’s. She found out through experience that leveraging the power of relationships and business in her Networks, while helping others open their minds to seize the real estate market in small ways- could help others get on a path to building wealth & cashflow both short term & long term. Business owners already understand that they can make greater impact in career/business/personal goals to expand their portfolio of holdings and in the years ahead, she aims to help as many as possible better leverage their Network so that it can directly impact their Networth, make history, and shift the trajectory of what LEGACY means to their life. She serves her community in a variety of ways with her work in Real Estate Re-Development/Investing, resourcing and leading as President of a private online community of over 10,000+ women called Boss Babes RVA, has a certificate for an Ambassador of Tourism for the City of Richmond, & is often positioned as a giver of encouragement & new perspective in her many conversations. She hopes to contribute as much as she can in her hometown of Richmond, VA & globally. Collaboration is the new competition. Stewarding authentic connection & resources better together--we can better rebuild our economy, doing meaningful work, & co-labor to build a future for the current and next generation. Together we thrive.

Britan Price Brooker
Maya Dionne Tyler
Chandra Broadnax- Payne
Chavon Anette
Leah Coleman


Cara Presley, also known as The Career Cheerleader and Public Speaking Guru is a local entrepreneur, podcast host, influencer, self defined cultural custodian, and mother of one son, from Richmond, VA. With over 20 years of Government experience, this digital business innovator develops relatable content that resonates with the soul and starts discussions in the comments! Prior to the pandemic Cara experienced her own version of a quarantine due to the Government Shutdown. During that time she launched “The Pull Up” an interview series for local individuals to share their stories in mini sessions. Since then she has also launched her own bite sized podcast called “The Successful Podcast” which showcases topics in 15 minutes or less. Cara also curated a diversified Facebook group by the name of Red Table Talk RVA, which has garnered over 100k supporters and is the biggest Facebook community in support of the topics discussed on the Emmy award winning Red Table Talk series, starring Jada Pinkett-Smith and her family. Over time Cara has been applauded for her unique engagement strategies, and her partnership with the brand has allowed her the opportunity to host several local Red Table Talk events, and in the Summer of 2022 Cara launched & hosted the official fan re-watch podcast with Westbrook, Red Table Talk, and iHeart brand. As an entrepreneur Cara encourages others to create the life they want by pivoting as often as necessary! She recently launched The Cara Pressley Radio Show which airs in Richmond, VA on ESPN 106.1. She also launched an OnDemand training platform, and a Masterclass "Successfully Speaking" , the public speaking masterclass for next level greatness, which helps others speak authentically in personal and professional settings. When she isn't instructing or hosting, Cara also volunteers with Excel To Excellence, a local youth Football and Cheering League as their Director of Public Relations. For more information visit Instagram & Facebook @TheCareerCheerleader Twitter & YouTube @CaraPressley TIKTOK @FeelinSuccessful

Cara Pressley
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Andrea Ross, founder of a non-profit Sowing Seeds, Inc. which helps widows/widowers and children dealing with financial hardships. At the age of 31, she became a widow and a single mother of a 2-year-old. She has worked as a public servant for 27 years combined with local government and state agencies; She is a co-author of a book titled SECURE: A Woman’s Playbook To A Life of Stability. She’s motivated by the mission to help people heal in many areas of their lives and assist others figure out their purpose.

Andrea Ross

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Andrea Ross

Sharon Oliver

Sharon Oliver is an accomplished business owner, motivational speaker, ordained minister and aspiring author. She is the Founder and Publisher of one of Richmond’s digital women’s publications CEO Magazine. Sharon established Club CEO , a women’s business cooperative and has used her media platform to help launch ideas, products, and services for entrepreneurs across the Southeastern footprint. Through her businesses, Sharon has created dozens of jobs for ex- offenders and single moms. In the past she has been known to volunteer her time at the Richmond AIDS Foundation. Sharon’s passions fuels hers in helping to plan fundraising galas and events to promote community awareness. Sharon’s other community initiatives include feedings, back-to- school and clothes drives, and events to promote women’s health. Sharon Oliver believes that self-conviction, hard work, and engaging community are the ingredients to being successful as a business owner and entrepreneur. Her central message is that anyone can create the life they want to live, no matter age or background. She hosts beauty and fitness transformation classes and workshops When Sharon is not volunteering, managing her businesses or providing creative direction for her studios and filming pursuits, she is spending time with her family. Sharon has three children, Sgt. Braxton Booker, Robert Junior “R.J,” and Lauren who resides In Henrico,Virginia.

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Sharon Oliver


Kathrine LaBoy

Prophet Katharine LaBoy is a native of Ponce, Puerto Rico. She was raised in NYC and proudly embraces her cultural diversity. Prophet Katharine is an Ordained Elder, Intercessor, Worshipper, Teacher, and Visionary. She was educated at Princeton Theological Seminary (2014) and had the honor of being a Princeton Theological Seminary Black Theology and Leadership Fellow in both 2013 and 2014. Prophet Katharine flows in a very authentic and diverse mantle that exemplifies God’s Kingdom in operation. She has utilized her gifts in various specialized ministry capacities including Administration, Episcopal Adjutant, Intercession, Worship Arts, and Leadership Training. In the marketplace, Prophet Katharine LaBoy is the CEO of Wisdom Café, where she combines her certifications in Life Coaching, C-Suite Women in Business Coaching, and Holistic Health Coaching to help women balance Life, Business, and Body Goals! Let's Get Connected! FaceBook @ProphetKatharine Instagram: Katharine LaBoy & WisdomCafe.Life Websites: & WisdomCafe.Life

Katharine LaBoy

Erika Peterson

Min. Erika P Peterson is a native of Petersburg, Va. Min. Peterson was called and licensed to preach the gospel in 2016 under the leadership of Dr. Nikita Garris-Watson. Min. Peterson currently belongs to Good Shepherd Baptist Church under the leadership Bishop J L Reaves Sr. Min. Peterson graduated in December 2019 with two degrees in communication and counseling religious studies. She is now Dr. Erika Peterson. Min. Peterson has her own outreach ministry Designed4Destiny Outreach Ministries. Min. Peterson works full time in the banking industry and is an independent travel agent at M & E Travels. During this Christian journey Min. Peterson has served as chairperson of the women’s mentoring program, intercessory prayer ministry, outreach ministry, deaconess ministry, sang in the choir, missionary ministry, serve as an usher, and greetings ministry. Min. Peterson is married to Min. Mark Peterson and together they have four children and six grandchildren. Min. Petersons favorite scripture is Jeremiah 29:11


Sha'Nail Mo'Nick
Minister Sha’Nail Mo’Nick.png

Shanail Monick is a multi-talented, award-winning entrepreneur, Amazon bestselling author, and sought-after global speaker. A Lupus survivor and founder of the organization FIGHT4LUPUS, she is dedicated to raising awareness and seeking a cure for the chronic illness. Shanail is a part of many organizations and remains an active contributor. She is also the creator of her lipgloss and lash line, Sha'Nail Luminous Lip Gloss and Sha'Nail Mink Glam Lashes. She also has several self-published books and is a co-author in many others. In addition, Shanail has her TV show, Women Worship Wednesday, on YouTube, FB, and every broadcast channel. She desires to serve as a Former Program Director for the FAILSAFE-ERA WIGS group (WOMEN INSPIRING GIRLS) and prevent generational incarceration by teaching the girls confidence, respect, and leadership skills. She has been featured in numerous magazines, including the 2022 Fempreneur Magazine Survivor Boss Edition. Her talents have also been recognized by multiple awards, including the I AM HER International Awards, The SUCCESS Women's Conference TOP INFLUENCER AWARD, and International Author Boss, amongst others. Sha'Nail and Montavis, her husband, have several ministry initiatives, including Married 2 Ministry, KingdomMinded Publishing, Building Giants Men's Group, and Magazine. They are also in the process of launching Mountain Movers Ministry, which is a vision that God has placed in their hearts. Sha'Nail is dedicated to serving the Lord while fervently doing Kingdom business.

Minister Sha’Nail Mo’Nick


Latisha Alston

Natasha Shantel

Natasha Shantel

Natasha Shantel is an intercessor on the scene with a mission to serve as a bridge that crosses boundaries, cultures, genres and generations. Natasha Shantel is a passionate youth and arts advocate, author, artist and visionary. As a creative, pursuing a higher assignment in the Arts and Entertainment fields, she understands the power of encouraging others towards their dreams. Natasha's unique path has given her a colorful perspective likened to that of a modern-day Joseph. Inspiring a generation to dream and do, she has created Multi-Colored Coat Kids, a business that mentors youth in the productive use of their creativity. In addition, Natasha is creator of the "Honey and Locust Podcast", a place where "out of the box creatives" can experience the collision of faith and culture. It is available now on Spotify and every major podcast platform. Her books “Clutching My Pearls” and “Trailblazing Aint Easy” will be available soon. Website: Social media: (FB) - Natasha S. Houston (Ig): Natashashantel_

Maya Dionne Tyler  (1).png

Elder LaTisha Alston is a native of the Bronx, New York, and is currently the Executive Pastor of City of Hope RVA where she stands in ministry with her sons declaring the awesomeness of God. LaTisha has ministered abroad with some of Gospel music's best and anointed psalmists such as Roz Brown, Michele Cheeseboro, Vashawn Mitchell, JJ Hairston, Charles Jenkins, Rich Tolbert, Michelle Prather, and more. In 2021, LaTisha was afforded the opportunity to record her first single Ruler of Everything under the production of McNair Music Group. She is coming into her own as one of Virginia's premier independent gospel music artists. Ministry is an important part of Elder Alston’s life in and outside of the pulpit. Her platforms have allowed her to minister to women and men across the nation. Her love for people and her transparency allows God's name to be lifted high above the heavens. She believes we have an assignment on the earth which is to make his name great. It is her prayer that the assignment is fulfilled daily.

Latisha Alston

Praise and Hands Raised


We are proud to present three distinct award categories: Business, Ministry, and Warrior. These awards are designed to honor and celebrate the strength, resilience, and spirit of women who have made significant strides in their respective fields. We invite you to nominate women who have demonstrated exceptional courage, perseverance, and dedication. Whether they've overcome challenges in business, served selflessly in ministry, or stood strong in the face of personal battles, these women embody the true essence of a warrior. Your nominations will help us recognize and honor these inspiring women at our conference.



One woman that has overcome extreme difficulties and obstacles in business. Despite the set backs she travailed and arose to success. 



One woman that has served selflessly despite obstacles she faced. She is one who embody the try meaning of a helpmeet to her spouse, community or local ministry. 



One woman that is in the midst of her own battles but refuse to give up. In the midst of her current circumstances she still chooses to love, encourage and illuminate hope for those around her. She is a warrior at heart standing and believing God at his word. 






















 Workshop #1  


















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