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October 4-5 2024

Richmond, VA



The War-Ring Women & Widows 2nd Annual Conference, themed "Men of Valor & Women of War," is set to be an extraordinary event in Richmond, VA, on October 4th-5th, 2024. This conference aims to unite and empower both men and women through shared experiences, stories of resilience, and spiritual growth. We're dedicated to creating an environment where participants can draw strength from each other's journeys, overcoming obstacles in business, ministry, and personal battles. A portion of the ticket proceeds will support the Warring Women & Widows mission, aiding widows and orphans. Expect inspiring keynotes, engaging panels, and valuable networking opportunities, all focused on building a community of valorous men and warrior women. Join us for this life-changing experience and be part of a movement that celebrates strength, courage, and faith.


Cynthia Williams-Bey's personal journey is one of inspiration and resilience. After losing her husband suddenly in 2021, she found herself as a widow, a single parent, and a small business owner. Her world was turned upside down, and she struggled to find support and guidance from those around her.

But instead of letting her circumstances define her, Cynthia turned her pain into a purpose. She recognized the need for a community that could provide emotional support and inspiration for women going through widowhood or any life challenge. And so, she founded War-Ring Women & Widows, a gathering of women seeking inspiration and empowerment.

Through this conference, Cynthia aims to provide a space where women can come together, share their stories, and find strength in each other. Her own experiences have given her a deep understanding of the unique challenges and struggles that come with widowhood and single parenthood. And she uses her own journey to inspire and motivate other women to find their path forward. Cynthia's story is a testament to the power of resilience and the strength that comes from community.

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Despite the challenges she faced, Cynthia never gave up. Instead, she used her experiences to create something meaningful and life-changing for others. Her story is a reminder that no matter what life throws our way, we have the power to overcome it and to create something positive and inspiring from our struggles.


"Thanks for inviting me it was great to be a part of such a powerful connection! Love you and keep the fight going because the need for grief support is huge. God has his arms wrapped around you and the kids because of your faithfulness and his promises!"
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